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ABAK ABAMA SOUP is a delicious, healthy soup, popular in the southern part of Nigeria, it is a low-carb nutritious meal to add to your menu. ABAK ABAMA SOUP is easy to prepare even for beginners, hope you can try this soup today.


  • Varied Meats like shaki, Beef, Liver, and so forth

  • Pomo

  • (Head) Stockfish

  • 2 Dried Fish

  • Periwinkles cuts and washed completely

  • Atama leaves, finely cut and washed thoroughly

  • 1 Derica of Palm Fruits

  • Uyayak (flavor)

  • Crawfish

  • Seafood sources of your choice. It works out positively for it


  • Wash all the meat and pomo properly, prepared with onions, garlic, salt, dark pepper, shallot, and the seasoning of your choice. Cook till the stock dries out.
  • Boil your palm fruit until soft or delicate and then pound in a mortar till the back is completely off the nuts. Then wash with warm water to separate juice or oil from it, after which you wash, however, don’t make it excessively watery.
  • While the meats and pomo are as yet cooking, pour in the palm organic product remove (oil sauce) into the pot, and keep on cooking… Add the Uyayak zest now. You can add the stockfish presently to cook alongside the meat.
  • After around 20 mins, You might add the Dried Fish and shelled Periwinkles... Season with salt and some newly beat. yellow Cameroonian pepper…
  • Ultimately, include the Pounded Atama leaves and simply cook it up for 2mins
  • Open up the mix and put in your shrimps or crayfish, then taste for salt, you can then add the remaining cube of seasoning to taste.
  • The palm fruit extracted or juice should thicken as it cooks, as the atama leaves is added to the already cooking palm fruit it becomes thicker and gives a delicious aroma and taste. The atama leaves will cook for about 5mins and the food is ready to be eaten.


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