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Attieke (Cassava Couscous)

Attieke is fermented, grated cassava. It’s a staple street food along the Ivory Coast of West Africa. It’s similar in consistency to couscous, with an added subtle sour taste

Beans Flour

Bean flour is grounded bean, which can be used for making various bean meal like Akara, gebgeri, moi-moi …

Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is a vegetable that is rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral, used in most African soup and meal

Cassava Fufu (Akpu)

Cassava fufu are made from fermented and grounded cassava roots and is a great side dish with any traditional African soup like egusi, ogbono, efo-riro …

Corned Beef

Corned beef is beef cured in a salt solution, spices are added to it for flavor. The corn, in its name, comes from an old English word for grain, or small pieces of hard things the size of the grain, such as salt.

We have 2 Brand Grace and Hereford



Dried Shrimp

Shrimps are usually used to flavor dishes, they make every meal tasty and delicious

Golden King Weatley

wheatlets are a fine granular product derived from the heart of hard red spring wheat. it is commonly known as wheatlets, Usually this is used in most African Home to make Wheat Amala

Grandios Pap (Ogi)

Pap also know as Ogi or Akamu is a fermented cereal pudding from Nigeria, typically made from maize, sorghum, or millet. It is then boiled into a pap, or cooked to make a creamy pudding. It may be eaten with moi-moi or Akara, Ewa and Ewa agonyin

Check out some of our recipes to make some of your great African and other cultural dishes

Ground Nut

Ground nut are very popular amongst Africans, used in making various traditional soup, or as a snack, it goes well with banana or can be added to soaked garri

Jute Leaves (Ewedu)

Jute leave popularly known as ewedu leaf, is the key ingredient in the preparation of Ewedu, popular amongst the Yoruba’s.

Monarch Wheatley

wheatlets are a fine granular product derived from the heart of hard red spring wheat. it is commonly known as wheatlets, Usually this is used in most African Home to make Wheat Amala

Oat Fufu

Oat Fufu is made from blended oatmeal, this can be used to make Oat Fufu, which can be served with various African / traditional soup or stew.

Come in 5Lb and 10Lb bag

10lb 5lb
Oha Leaf(dried)

Oha leaf are edible leaf used for both Culinary and medical purpose, they contain minerals like calcium magnesium, pottasium, iron, copper,zinc and manganses etc, they are used in preparing of the popular Oha soup .

Palm oil

Palm oil is a red vegetable oil extract from the reddish pulp of palm fruit usually the African oil palm, it is usually used for preparing various African meal, they are rich in Vitamins.

Peeled Bean

This is Bean which has been washed and outer part removed

Plantain Flour

Plantain Flour are usually made from Unripe plantain, cut washed, dried and grounded into powder, used in preparing Plantain Amala

Rice Flour

Rice Flour is stone ground of highest quality whole grain rice and has a mild, nutty flavor

Scented Leaf(Efirin)

Efinri or Scent leaf is a highly nutritional plant very popular in many part of Africa, usually used in preparation of pepersoup, soup and has a very delighful aroma

TT Chin-Chin

Chinchin is one of the small chops or finger foods in Nigeria,it is a flour based pastery, cut and fried into small crunchy pieces, it is served as a snack or appatizer

Ugu Leaf (dried)

Ugu leaf are very popular in Nigeria , they are said to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, they can also help speed up healing process and also rich in iron

Utazi Leaf (dried)

Utazi leaves have been used as remendy for many years and used as garnish for food like Abacha, isiewu and Nkwobi and Soup like Nsala

Uziza Leaf

Uziza Leaf, has peppery taste and are pale when fresh and darken when frozen, they are added to soup t the end of the cooking (usually the last 15mins)

Yam Flour

Yam flour is also called elubo by the Yoruba, it is made from peeled, sliced and dried yam which is then grounded to powder. It is used in preparation of Amala