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Quick Meal

Agege BreadAgege bread is a Nigeria favorite bread, loved by many for its softness and taste. This bread goes well with a lot of local sides, …$3.25
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Indomine Instant NoodlesEnjoy your favorite Indomine instant Noodles all the way from Nigeria, indomine is very popular for being a quick meal, Children love it as well …$17.99
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Mr. John Plantain ChipsCrunching and crispy plantain chips packages as ripe and unripe$2.50$5.50
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McVities ShortbreadMcVities All Butter Shortbread, package is 200g.    $4.99
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Cream Of WheatCream of Wheat is an excellent way to get the nutrition you need. Ingredients WHEAT FARINA, DEFATTED WHEAT GERM, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, FERRIC ORTHOPHOSPHATE (IRON). CONTAINS: …$4.99
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Lady B CustardOne of the popular breakfast meal, Lady B custard is made from corn starch, creamy with Vanilla flavor. Enjoy this custard hot or cold with …$5.50$14.00
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