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  • Plantain


    $1.40$70.00 / LB

    Plantain is one of those food enjoyed by all, it can either be cooked, Fried (dodo), roasted as boli, or dried and ground into a powder to make Elubo.

    You can either order per pound or order a box that weighs 50LB

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  • Titus Sardines


    Titus Sardines in Soybean oil, are prepared from the highest quality Sardines and packed in vegetable oil.


  • Sale!

    Indomine Instant Noodles

    $22.00 $19.99

    Enjoy your favorite Indomine instant Noodles all the way from Nigeria, indomine is very popular for being a quick meal, Children love it as well as grown-ups.

    Order now, either pack or 40 or 80

  • Mr. John Plantain Chips


    Crunching and crispy plantain chips packages as ripe and unripe

  • Agege Bread

    Agege Bread


    Agege bread is a Nigeria favorite bread, loved by many for its softness and taste. This bread goes well with a lot of local sides, like Akara, ogi, Ewa and Ewa agonyi, etc, if you know what I mean.

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  • Sale! Sheppard Pepper


    $4.00 $2.00 / Pack

    Tatashe are a variant of Bell pepper used in traditional Nigerian Stews, soup to give them that distinctive red color. They are rich in Vitamins and minerals

    Come in 3 to 4 in a pack

  • Yam


    $11.99 / Piece

    Yam, a very popular tropical tuber in most parts of Africa, which can be enjoyed boiled, fried, roasted or even pounded to make Pounded Yam that is enjoyed with several African Soup like Egusi, Okro

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  • Peak Milk


    Peak milk is a full cream instant milk powder that is fortified with 28 Vitamins and Minerals and dissolved in hot and cod water , very popular in Nigeria and goes well with several beverages and good with soaking garri,

  • Sale! Ewa-Oloyin-20lb

    Ewa Oloyin (Honey Beans)


    All the way from Nigeria, Ewa oloyin (Honey bean) has become a staple meal among many African, including Nigerians, it is rich in Protein and best enjoyed with Bread Agege, if you know what I mean.

    Order Ewa Oloyin (Honey Beans) Now.
  • TT Chin-Chin


    Chinchin is one of the small chops or finger foods in Nigeria,it is a flour based pastery, cut and fried into small crunchy pieces, it is served as a snack or appatizer

  • Frozen Spinach

    $2.50 / Pack

    Spinach has been know over time for some of it health benefit some of which include skin care, improved eyesight, regulated, stronger muscles, and prevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and hemophilia. it might also help in the treatment of cataracts, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and disorders.

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  • Goat Meat


    Goat Meat, from the butcher shop packed and refrigerated.


  • Ground Nut


    Ground nut are very popular amongst Africans, used in making various traditional soup, or as a snack, it goes well with banana or can be added to soaked garri

  • Palm oil

    Palm oil


    Palm oil is a red vegetable oil extract from the reddish pulp of palm fruit usually the African oil palm, it is usually used for preparing various African meal, they are rich in Vitamins.

  • Smoked Frozen Turkey


    Frozen pack of Turkey, for your delicious and tasty Tomatoes stew, Fried rice, Egusi, Okoro (ila) and other delicacies. Turkey is Smoked and frozen and tasty.

    Order our Smoked Frozen Turkey today.

    Please note, this item can only be delivered to address within Toronto GTA, if you have a question(s), kindly contact us

  • Grandios Pap (Ogi)


    Pap also know as Ogi or Akamu is a fermented cereal pudding from Nigeria, typically made from maize, sorghum, or millet. It is then boiled into a pap, or cooked to make a creamy pudding. It may be eaten with moi-moi or Akara, Ewa and Ewa agonyin

    Check out some of our recipes to make some of your great African and other cultural dishes

  • Garri (Ijebu)


    Garri ijebu is one of the several varieties of Garri popular in Nigeria, it is popular for its sour taste and how great it taste when soaked in water, with groundnut and milk, sugar… added, wow I just cannot explain that you need to try it to understand.

    Order Garri ijebu now…

  • Sale!

    Box of Mackerel Fish (Titus Fish)

    $21.50 $19.99

    Box of Mackerel Fish (Titus Fish)

    Fish is rich in Protein

    Mackerel fish are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as low in saturated fats. Hence frequent consumption of this fish may help lowers your risk of heart complications like stroke, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and arrhythmia.

  • corned beef

    Corned Beef


    Corned beef is beef cured in a salt solution, spices are added to it for flavor. The corn, in its name, comes from an old English word for grain, or small pieces of hard things the size of the grain, such as salt.

    We have 2 Brand Grace and Hereford



  • Brown Rice Flour


    Brown Rice Flour is stone ground of highest quality whole grain brown rice and has a mild, nutty flavor

  • Smoked Catfish

    Smoked Catfish


    Enjoy this delicious Smoked Catfish, It is tasty, healthy and nutritious. This has been hygienically processed and free of sand and gut as well as no chemical preservatives

    It goes well with your Stew, Soup, Vegetable Soup, and your choice of Dish, try it today you.


  • Suya-Spices


    Spicey and great flavor spices for your babeque, for your best tasting Suya meat

  • Ola-Ola Pounded Yam


    Pounded Yam is one of the favorite dish in part of Nigeria, usually prepared from boiled Yam, pounded in a mortar, but Ola-Olainstant Iyan, helps to speed the preparation process.

    Enjoy same great taste as the boiled yam, with this product.

    Order iyaninstant now.

    Comes in a pack of 4lb and 5lb

  • Cameroon pepper


    Hot and Spicy Cameroon peper to add the extral spice to you soup, stew and dishes

  • Locust Beans(iru)


    Locust beans popularly know as iru, is fermented locust bean, used in the preparation of various Traditional African/ Nigerian dishes, it has a rich taste and an unforgettable aroma, hmmm if you know what I mean.

    Dried iru, goes well with ofade stew, egusi, okra, efo-riro(Vegetable soup), and a whole lot more

    We have taken our time to dry this product so that it can preserve it taste when you need it.

    Order our Dried locust bean now…

  • White Garri


    White Garri is a Variety of Garri popular amongst  Nigerian, Great for making EBA and can also be soaked in water and drank.

    We have 2 sizes in stock, 10lb, and 5lb

    Order White Garri now.

  • Large Eggs (Dozen)


    Eggs are a great source of protein, they are rich and full of flavors and form part of a healthy diet.

    They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. There are several ways to prepare them, you can check out our recipes page for egg recipes, or check out this amazing article about  ways to eat your delicious eggs

  • Cow Skin (Ponmo)


    Cow Skin, popularly know as Pomo, it comes prepackaged in a bag

    This cow skin is burnt, soft and ready to use.

  • Knorr Cubes


    Taste the Knorr difference, Knorr cube adds that special flavour to any dish, We have two flavours of Knorr, Chicken and Regular

    Also Checkout our Recipe page to various recipes we post from time to time


    Iodised Salt,Flavour Enhancers (E621, E627, E631), Sugar, Corn Starch, Vegetable Fat, Onion Powder, Spices, Flavouring (contains egg), Garlic Powder, Chicken Powder, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Herb, Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Pyrophosphate. *This product contains traces of cow’s milk*

  • Oat Fufu


    Oat Fufu is made from blended oatmeal, this can be used to make Oat Fufu, which can be served with various African / traditional soup or stew.

    Come in 5Lb and 10Lb bag

  • Ducros Curry


    Ducros curry is a blend of rich and exotic spices from Indian cuisine. Perfect flavor for Sause, vegetable, soup, meat, chicken, and fish.

    Try it today

  • Yellow Garri


    This is a Variety of Garri popular amongst the people from easter part of Nigeria, it is made by adding palm oil to fried cassava flasks. Great for making EBA and can also be soaked in water and drank.

    We have 2 sizes in stock, 10lb, and 5lb

    Order Yellow Garri now.

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