Commitment to Quality Is committed to providing our customers and Client with Excellent Service and Quality Products, we take this very seriously

How Works is an online African Grocery Store, supplying African and Continental groceries across Canada.

We depend on *Partner Store and well as **Support store to complete customer orders

Here is how it works

Customers Place Grocery Order on >>> Order is sent to Partner Store to Put order together >>> Order is Verified for Quality by team >>> Order Put in Package Box and Sealed >>> order Pickup by Delivery Agent >>> Order Delivered to Customer Location.

ileoja African Market Place
iLeOja Works
iLeoja African Online store, Same day African Online Delivery


Partner Store:A Brick and Mortar Store that has partnership agreement with to provide Quality African and Continental Grocery products.

We Currently have 3 Stores in the Toronto GTA area Listed below:

Support Store:Sometime our Partner store, might be out of stock on some items we carry, we rely on support store to fill in the gap, we only select store that carry quality products without compromise.

When we need to fulfill orders with the support store, an Agent from would need to visit the store to purchase the items required (selecting only the top quality), to complete the customer’s order

Some of the Support Store we patronize at includes:

ileoja African Market Place