How to Prepare OGBONO SOUP

Ogbonno Soup is a nigeria delicay, made form dry grounded ogbono seed(wild African Mango), it is very tasty and delicious soup,mostly eaten in the eastern part of Nigeria. Ogbono is thick, slippery and very nutritious. It could be served with Eba, Amala, Pounded yam or Fufu.

MAKES: 4-5 Serving


– 2 spoons of blended ogbono

– Blended Okra (10 pieces)

– Boiled assorted meat

– 4 Snails

– Dried stock fish and smoked stock fish.

– ½ spoon of Periwinkle

– ½ spoon of Crayfish

– A handful of Ugu leaf

– ½ spoon of Locust Beans

– Seasoning

– 4 Small yellow chilli pepper

– 1 ½ cooking spoon of Palm oil


  • in a cooking pan, heat 1 cooking spoon of palm oil and a few slices of onions for about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Add two cups of water and the gounded Ogbono and stir together (do not cover cooking pan at this point). leave for 5 minutes. The content turns into thick brown, if too thick add some water.
  • Add the crayfish, pepper, stock fish, shrimps, locust beans, assorted meat and Pomo (skin beef). Leave to cook for 10 minutes.
  • After cooking for 10 minutes add the blended Okro and periwinkle leave to cook and check it draws (very slippery), then stir altogether, leave for another 10mins.
  • Add the Ugu vegetable and seasoning for taste leave for 2mins
  • Serve with Fufu, Amala, Pounded yam, Eba or Semolina


There you have it—delicious OGBONO SOUP . We guarantee that these recipes will smell amazing as you cook, and they’ll taste even better once you try them!

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